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We at Pro-Scape Inc. are experienced professionals in all aspects of landscape construction. We are dedicated to building you a beautiful landscape that will enhance the value of your property.

We work with you to professionally design a landscape plan that will give you a picture of your finished landscape before we even break ground. We want to make sure that you can see exactly what you’re going to get before we start working on your project.


We can offer all types of turf work. We spread only premium black dirt to optimize the success of whatever type of turf you choose. Seed is one of the options that you can go with. We offer a wide variety of seed options. Whether it is sunny or shady areas in any variations of water quantity we can apply a seed that best fits your turf plan. The second type of turf is sod. We can lay sod that will provide instant grass on your lawn. The third type is hydroseeding. Hydroseeding provides the best of both worlds. It is substantially lower in cost then sod yet provides a lawn in weeks. Hydroseeded lawns can provide a complete lawn in about 3-4 weeks. It also prevents erosion on hills and runoff areas. Hydroseeding also allows you to choose different types of grass types to best suit your lawn.

Patios and Walkways
Patios and walkways are a unique way to customize your landscape. We offer many different options that will fit any landscape plan. One option for your patios and walkways is to use flagstone. Flagstone is large flat pieces of natural stone that is mined out of different quarries from around the world. Flagstone comes in many different varieties and colors. Some types are larger or smaller than others or more smooth or rough than others. We can build a patio that allows you to have a large area to enjoy, yet is still a natural looking landscape. Also we can use the pieces as stepping stone or sidewalk type paths from one area to another. Between the pieces we can also use different materials to fill the gaps. One way is to use polymeric sand that sets up hard to offer a cement type finish yet also allows water to drain through it. Another way is to plant grass in the gaps to offer another look that you can mow right over. Pavers are another way to build patios and walkways. This will give your patios and walkways a more uniform look. Pavers also come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. There are many different options such as circular patios and fire pits or curved walkways that are a great upgrade from the normal square patios and walkways.

Walls are a great way to enhance your landscape yet retain soil. These walls are a great way to provide flat ground that is useful rather than unusable hillsides. There are numerous ways to build walls. One type is a boulder wall; a boulder wall is made from natural rocks that are found throughout Minnesota. We hand sort all of the best looking rocks to provide the best looking and most structurally sound wall. These walls match well with the traditional “up north” landscape look. We also offer boulder walls made from other types of rocks that are not found in greater Minnesota. This provides an even more unique landscape. Another option for your walls is to use retaining wall block. Retaining wall block comes in hundreds of different options that will allow you to choose the one that best fits you property. We are certified to build retaining walls with geo-grid technology the offers unsurpassed strength to retain the biggest of hillsides. The last way to build a wall is to use dry stack stone. Dry stack walls are made from stone that is mined and cut into smaller rectangles that offers yet another look that can really separate your wall from others in the area.


Stairs and Steps
Stairs and steps are also a good way to create a unique landscape. There are a few different ways to create decorative steps. One way is out of timbers. Timbers offer a softer landscape as well as very nice aesthetic appeal. We typically will build a timber frame with cedar insets. This creates a nice look that breaks up the solid color of the timbers. We can also case natural stone steps that match up with the flagstone walkways and patios. Another option that works well are retaining wall block steps. This fits in well with the pavers. All of these choices can be a more appealing look than that of stairs built in a traditional manner.


Rock and Edging
Rock and edging is some of the most basic of all landscaping. Rock and edging has many different benefits. One is to catch the water off of the roof. This controls erosion from heavy rainfalls. Another benefit is that it keeps the grass from growing around the house so it is easier to mow around. The third reason is that it makes the surrounding area much more appealing. Rock and edging is a nice addition to any landscape. There are also different types of edging. There is your basic plastic edging and also a real nice metal edging that is another option offered as an upgrade. There are also many different types of rock that can be matched to your house and other landscapes.


We can provide all different varieties of trees to your landscape. Whether you want deciduous or evergreen trees we can get them big or small. We can provide potted, ball and burlaped, or spaded trees. Whether you want a 4 foot tree or a 20 foot tree we can plant it for you. Trees can enhance your landscape whether it is a beautiful fruit tree, privacy tree or just for extra color and decoration to your landscape.


Mulch is a softer alternative to rock in a landscape while still adding color. Mulch comes in many different varieties that include many colors and textures. Mulch can be used in walkways, around trees and shrubs, on hillsides, or just in spots that you don’t want to mow. Wherever you decide to use mulch it gives contrast and color against grass and other landscapes that will offer the desired look throughout your landscape.


Shrubs and Flowers
We have many years of experience in plant knowledge. This allows us to properly plant and care for shrubs and flowers in your landscape. We can design decorative planting beds that will not only look beautiful, but will thrive in our climate and soil type. Shrubs and flowers are a relatively inexpensive way to put a finish on your landscape.


Water Features
We at Pro-Scape can also provide a water feature to your landscape. Water features are the most elegant and impressive addition to any landscape. Water features add a peaceful and pristine feature to your yard. Waterfalls are the most popular water features, but just a pond with a fountain is a nice addition as well. Ponds and waterfalls are an exciting way to explore otherwise unavailable possibilities in your landscape. This allows you options in a wide range of water plants and fish as well. The running water from a waterfall also attracts a lot of birds that are in your area. All these benefits are why water features are getting to be more and more popular in today’s landscapes.

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