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We at Pro-Scape Inc. are a complete fertilizer and pesticide applicator that can service all your turf needs. We offer both liquid and granular fertilizing application options. We use slow release formulas to make sure your lawn stays green from early spring all the way through fall. We look at every lawn separately to ensure that we apply the correct regimen for your specific turf needs. We generally start out in early spring with an application that protects your lawn from weeds as well as giving it a boost to get it growing and in best color as fast as possible. We will then periodically throughout the season continue with fertilizer to keep your grass lush and green. When the leaves start falling we will apply a winterizer to your lawn to keep it green until snow falls and green again when all that snow melts in the spring. In addition to the fertilizer we can also protect your lawn from pests such as insects, grub worms, moles, and a variety of insects. We also offer mosquito control throughout the season. We can drastically reduce mosquitos throughout your property to allow you to enjoy your beautiful yard.

Minnesota Department of Agriculture
Certified Commercial and Residential Pesticide and Fertilizer Applicator
License # 20100578




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